Top Ten Benefits of Elliptical Machines

Exercise has different effects on the body. The intensity, duration, diet and timing are all factors determining its success. The elliptical machines have become the current craze for a number of fitness enthusiasts due to the advantages associated with their use.

Below are the Top Ten Benefits of Elliptical Machines -

1) With the elliptical machines, a trainee benefits from low-impact workouts. It is undeniable that sick or injured individuals also wish to exercise to keep fit. This is only possible when one can reduce the strain on the leg during elliptical motions. Elliptical machines have no reverse, making them very ideal for people having ill health.

Elliptical Machine

2) The elliptical works on all muscle groups. When using this machine, one is able to work-out the chest, hamstring, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, glutes, back and other areas. This is why it is referred to as a cross-trainer. More body parts get toned while optimization on energy is expended.

The end result is that one burns more calories within a very short time. The full benefits of the dual action workout can be enjoyed when resistance is distributed between upper and lower body. Elliptical trainers are equipped with a variety of exercise programs that are challenging. The Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical trainer comes in handy in this venture.

3) Elliptical trainers require less maintenance as compared to other exercise machines. Apart from having fewer moving parts, it also involves low impact movements. Movable machine parts often require constant oiling which is not typical in the elliptical.

4) Elliptical machines provide the opportunity for cross- training. For this reason, it has a lot of workout routines that a trainee can download from the internet. With varied workouts, a trainee gets to burn calories without experiencing boredom.

5) Unlike some fitness machines, elliptical trainers appeal to people of all ages including those with special needs. With a variety of exercises, different age groups can find something to suit their needs.

6) Elliptical trainers allow for challenging activities ideal for professional trainees. These programs can be compared to activities like mountain climbing and long distance running.

7) Most elliptical machines come with wireless heat rate control gadget which allows for the optimization of workouts, thereby enabling an individual to control their resistance.

8) Research shows that elliptical machines allow for a reduced rate of exertion when one is training. This basically means that with less effort, a trainee is able to burn more calories.

9) For cardiovascular workouts, the elliptical machine is the best choice. Individuals seeking body fitness can greatly benefit from the elliptical as it helps firm the body. Regular workouts with the elliptical can go a long way in helping one achieve long-term fitness success.

10) Elliptical machines save on space. This makes them ideal for the home gym and especially for trainees with small space.

The elliptical boasts of the above mentioned benefits and more. For safe and efficient weight loss, elliptical machines are the ideal exercise equipment to think of. Since they also come with handles, chances of injuries at the gym are reduced.

What is the right age for different cosmetic surgeries?

Before you even start saving for the cosmetic surgery procedure that you would like to have, you need to be sure that it is the right time for you to have it. Believe it or not, there are some instances where someone gets a procedure when it is already too late and the result may be a huge flop or have no consequence at all.

Below, we examine the right times for some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries:

1. Eye lift surgeries

Eye lift surgeries

Eye lifts immediately enhance the facial appearance of a person if it is successful and is done at the right time. The Marie Osmond Eyebrow Lift is one case in point and it is clear to see her new youthful appeal thanks to a successful eyebrow lift. Link to article –

The best age for this procedure is in one’s early 40’s because this is the time when the effects of advancing age become more noticeable. However, for those that have large eye bags because of their genetics can have the procedure done early on.

2. Forehead Botox Injections

Botox injections are usually done to remove wrinkles which may showcase someone as being older than they really are. It is important to remember that human being form permanent wrinkles in their early forties to late thirties. Thus, there really is no reason why someone should schedule an injection in their twenties unless she has an understandable problem of wrinkles.

Go for Botox only when you have wrinkles that can still be seen even when your face is at rest.

3. Rhinoplasty

This is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures. It is important to know that bones may continue growing up to one’s early 20’s. Thus, having a cosmetic rhinoplasty early on in one’s life may later on present them with negative effects.

20 years of age is not bad for rhinoplasty but at an advanced age, the results may not be as satisfactory. This is because when a nose job is done, the ability of the skin to drape determines the end-result. Younger skin drapes better. One should ideally get a rhinoplasty before they clock 50 years.

Stana Katic nose job before after photos

The Stana Katic nose job is an example of a procedure that was well-timed and successful.

4. Facelift

A facelift aims at restoring the fading youthfulness of an individual whose age is advancing. You need not wait till it will be very obvious that you had cosmetic surgery done to keep the menacing years at bay!

Your mid 40’s is a good enough time for a facelift as the skin still has a reasonable elasticity that will give a good result.

5. Lip enhancement

The timing for this procedure should be determined by the reason you are going for it. For young women, the reason is nothing other than the need to have Angelina Jolie lips. Older women have it to drown the visibly thinning lips as they advance in age.

For the young women, your early to mid 20’s is a safe bet but for the older lady, the late 30’s is the best time.